Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cops, Handcuffs, dog food and Rock & Roll

Cops, Handcuffs, dog food and Rock & Roll

“Well then, go ahead, cuff me officer, cause I’m not F***ing going anywhere!”

It was about 4:35 am. I was in a sound sleep in my underwear. Earplugs in, facemask secured and wind machine blaring next to my head like the artificial sound of the ocean. We had a 5-hour show & I was TIRED!!!!

There was loud sudden pounding my band mate stumbled to the door only to have it bashed open by the “Swat Team.” She yelled, “It’s the cops! A lot of them!”
I pulled out earplugs, tripped out of my warm bed & stood there in confusion as I wondered what the hell was going on!

“Pack up your things and leave the premises” a voice said with deep authority.  They were going to search us for drugs. Apparently I was being accused of selling drugs. ME! ME!!!!! I only spend many hours of my year going into schools, chemical dependency centers, half way houses, abuse centers and safe places for kids with chemical issues and they are accusing ME of selling drugs!

I asked how this could be! They said to pack up and get out. I called the front desk. They said the same and I would receive no refund. I was OUT the money! WTF!!!

My whole band was being evicted! And I was MAD AS HELL! I said I wasn’t going anywhere & he said failure to leave the premises would force him to arrest me and take me to jail. So I said GO AHEAD! At least I’d have a place to stay! He said I wouldn’t want to go to this jail and I said, “Try me!” I’d have every inmate singing Silent
night at the tops of their lungs until it drove everyone there to death! I knew I could get more publicity for sending ME to jail and sell more records than I would just keeping my mouth shut so I was going to say what I needed to say and go out with a bang.

I had a few people I could call for bail and I was going. Come hell or high water some false accusation wasn’t going to slow me down, so my band mate started to film the whole incident.

I was a rabid dog! I was throwing out bras & panties one by one into the street & all my clothes in the suitcase.  I was going to take as looooonnggg as I could to get my sh*t out of there. I couldn’t BELIEVE this! I was mad, exhausted, crying and not to mention still in my underwear!

“I hope you’re getting a good show people!” I said with snot dripping out of my nose. I didn’t care. I was PISSED! Finally the whole story unfolded…

I ask my band mates to not drink on stage. We have lost rooms in the past due to shitty sloppy playing and people doing stupid things. It’s just not worth it. It’s hard enough to have a great show sober, let alone throwing alcohol into the mix. See, people who play & record while sloshed think it all sounds AMAZING! But in reality, you sound like SH*T! No one can keep time, wrong notes are played and I want to STRANGLE people for the disrespect when I ask them CLEARLY to not drink during the show.

Well, my current band, as always, honored that. And they don’t realize how much I love them for it. Because in the past I have had intense hatred sharing the stage with members. So now, I can concentrate on me, and my own mistakes I make instead of someone else’s. I bought my mates some beer and said have some on me. And they did. I also told them the rooms were strictly no smoking. So if they needed to smoke, just step outside. And once again, they honored my wishes.

So what’s the big deal about having a smoke & a beer outside your hotel room? Well apparently when a Crack Whore Meth Head approaches them all asking to use their phones to call her drug dealer boyfriend, and they decline? (Silly band…) That sent her into a frenzy. She went as far as “offering her services” to a band member in exchange for phone usage.

My band mates told her to use the hotel lobby phone. Instead she told the manager a rock band selling drugs approached her. So that’s all it took. THAT is the justice these days? A Crack Whore’s word against mine?

The hotel security guard didn’t help either. He said he saw us selling drugs. That’s what I was told. “Have this security guard come here,” I said. And with a vengeance.
He wouldn’t come…

I began to cut what became a two-hour promo. I still was standing there and not being taken in for several counts against me now. So with this lull in me being hauled off I was going to speak my mind and HAVE THEM LISTEN! After all, I was STILL in my underwear! I was so pissed I didn’t realize it! So I had a captive audience.

I told them to GOOGLE my name & see what came up. See the hundreds of videos posted where I’m talking about anti drugs, alcohol to minors, positive life choices, converting you r fear into fuel, health & fitness and having over all self worth and confidence. “Pull it up!” I said.  A unique message on KTTC   And The Today I Won't Be Afraid School Tour

I added with all the crap people say about cops, the “Pigs” how they hate & despise them, that “I” was someone who constantly defends them, their jobs and their craft if you will. I have many friends and family on the force and I know what a thankless, tough, dangerous, political job they can have. I have listened to the bureaucracy that surrounds their careers
 for years and understand many are just completely commited or insane to stay in law enforcement. So if you want to write a bunch of anti-cop/law comments, save it. I will delete them. That’s not what this blog is about. It’s actually about COMMUNICATION. Human COMMUNICATION. Please read on.

I was still screaming about this injustice and how could seven officers stand by and let an innocent person and her team be punished for a crime they didn’t commit? Why the hell weren’t they going after the other woman???!!! The main officer said because you were seen by the security officer selling drugs. This is private property and I was called to get rid of you. Simple and sweet. Maybe for him, but not for me.

What F***ing country am I in?????? I was confused since I was SLEEPING when you bashed open my door! Oh that’s right, let me remind myself. I am in a country where known and prosecuted felons, rapists, murders, pedophiles and thieves go to prison. They are given beds to sleep in, rehabilitation programs, ways to further their education, meals and even in some cases workout facilities. That’s right. And as I boldly told the police, we just toured Afghanistan. We had the privilege of going and performing for our troops. I got to see first hand what’s really cookin. Heat, exhaustion, tough conditions. These people chose this to fight for our freedom.  They are disciplined and have never done a damn thing to deserve some of the conditions I’ve seen. Sometimes our soldiers only get a M.R.E or less to eat. They mostly sleep in tents that are sometimes on rocks. My feet were destroyed after just a few weeks over there. Our people endure things you & I couldn’t imagine. But rest assured our felons are being “take care of.” After all, they deserve it…

One of the officers asked to speak to me in private. I will refrain from commenting on what was said. But I will tell you this. At the end of the day, I rely on myself. I have me & only me to live true to. And I knew I was right. I stand by what I believe in, especially when it is I! I don’t take the easy way out of ANYTHING! And I told him; he was taking the easy way out. I called him a pussy & coward. And that’s all I’ll say. If he was a real man, he could figure out a way to make this right. It may take some effort, but I’m sure he could think of a way. Cause I’m ready to go to jail now. I will get a ton of publicity off this one…

So what’s this blog really about? I said it already. It’s about communication. Something that is quickly becoming extinct in our society and our country. In remembrance of a horrible day as of late, so many are quick to blame everything under the son. Guns, music, video games… I blame myself. I blame the lack of “communication.” The kid who shot all those children was messed up. He was troubled. I’m not making excuses. I’m asking what “I” could have done. I’m just saying, did anyone notice this kid had problems? Did he ever give signs or try to reach out? I’m asking rhetorical questions here trying to find my own answers.

We are buried in our smart phones, tablets and laptops. We wear headphones connected to our iPods through out the day. We sit down to lunch with a friend and have our phone in hand texting or at least on the table to vibrate and disrupt any clear thought or conversation. We never used to have phones. Kids went and played till it was dark and then came home. Schools didn’t have locked doors and metal detectors. It was a different age I lived in. If you did something wrong you got an ass whopping usually with a “switch” that your grandma made you go out to the back yard and break off yourself. Different times we live in…

But maybe the night this entire BS went down, maybe last Friday when that cop asked to speak to me alone, I went back in time. A time where you looked another human being in the eyes and tried to honestly communicate. And you know what? It worked. It still works. In a world of automated calls, operators and perfected technology there still is a need for a human to make a determination. And I was going to use that to my advantage. And I did.

My words may have been uttered with snot dripping everywhere and with a raised voice, but they were precise and as accurate as a sharp shooters bullet.  I made my points and now I would wait.

Hours later, this whole hula balloon ended with seven handshakes, and a woman they just “happened to find” being carted off to jail. I was spared. I had about 21 counts against me and I returned to my hotel room. We got a later check out and still I paced the room still madder than a wet hornet. But justice had been served.

Save me the comments of “you’re a cute girl”… bla bla bla. I’ve had more “sparings” from straight female officers than men. I am fearless especially when I am right & I will stand by it. You see, I believe, that you have a 50/50 chance of getting what you want if you truly back up what you stand for and believe to be right. People still can see in your eyes whether or not you are true. So use that.

Take time everyday to COMMUNICATE. Don’t just LIKE something on Facebook, WRITE a comment. Don’t just write a comment, CALL someone. Don’t just call someone, go VISIT them every chance you get. Don’t just go visit someone, LOVE them unconditionally and do all you can to make their life a better one.

I’m still pissed as hell. But at least I know that in the end, sometimes if you stand true, justice does prevail.

I asked the front desk woman the following day why the woman was taken to jail. What counts actually were brought on her? She said something about “Failure to Comply” and Disorderly Conduct” … wow.  She also said the officer asked her one more time to confirm her story. She said the band actually didn’t try to sell her anything. Then she stated, wait, they did! He asked her what substance did the band actually try and sell you. The hotel clerk said the woman looked him dead straight in the face and said, “Dog Food.”

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